Storytelling and Social Media Marketing for equestrian sports.

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Let's start

Telling tall tales - about horses!

Good marketing is about telling a story.

Because stories move, evoke emotions, and stay in memory. We support you with your strategy and implementation. In doing so, we combine strategic storytelling with the niche that inspires us all - equestrian sports.

More than


social media projects: We have already managed and implemented a variety of social media projects, in addition to approximately 800 journalistic texts, around 30 moderation jobs - and numerous photos and videos that were created on countless shoots and productions.

This is what you can implement with us:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Workshops
  • Concept Development
  • Photo & Video Content
  • Content Creation
  • Cross-Media Campaigns
  • Text Projects
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Custom solutions for the equestrian industry

Equestrian sports are emotional. They move, captivate, and inspire. And they offer huge opportunities for good marketing and compelling storytelling. As passionate 'horse people', we understand exactly why this topic is so special. And because we have extensive experience in the world of equestrian social media marketing, we know that these special aspects not only apply to everyday stable life but also to your marketing strategy.

Storytelling and social media marketing for equestrian sports

Clients & References

We can learn something from each of our clients - and we are proud of each one of them. We always see ourselves as part of your team. The motto is: Together we can achieve more.


Selection of current projects and partners

Turnier der Sieger

After two years of pandemic, the prestigious Turnier der Sieger finally took place again in 2022. Since 2016, we have had the pleasure of supporting this special event. Year after year, we not only provide press work, but also manage the social media channels, coordinate influencers, and create content for the website. In 2021, we also completed a complete relaunch of the website. All of this takes place in the stunning setting of Münster's castle.

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  • horse show
  • press work
  • content marketing
  • influencer marketing

EQuest by Hölscher

EQuest by Hölscher is a true family-owned traditional company. Based in Münsterland, high-quality products for horses are produced here - made in Germany. We support with creative impulses and advice on social media and content creation.

  • content creation
  • consulting
  • online marketing strategy
  • social media marketing
  • influencer marketing

De Sutter Naturally

Fencing can be so aesthetic! This is impressively demonstrated by the Belgian family business De Sutter Naturally. We support this unique brand with a comprehensive marketing strategy for the German-speaking market.

  • social media marketing
  • cross-media
  • strategy & concept development
  • content creation


As a young start-up from Münsterland, deckenpost is currently conquering the equestrian industry. Here, we not only provide strategic advice but have also developed a content strategy and created visual concepts for a comprehensive advertising campaign together with the deckenpost team. And time and again, we come up with new, exciting initiatives related to horses.

  • startup
  • content strategy
  • content creation
  • influencer marketing
  • ad concept

Great passion for events - why not host one?

An event specifically designed for marketing enthusiasts in the equestrian industry - with the opportunity to learn and network about social media marketing and influencer marketing: that didn't exist yet. So why not create something ourselves? It all started when spoga horse approached us at the end of 2021. The idea of the trade fair director Dr. Maria Näther was to create added value for influencers. Meanwhile, the event has developed into a conference and offers an exciting opportunity for influencers, social media enthusiasts, and interested individuals to learn new things, exchange ideas, further professionalize themselves and engage with exciting brands.

A lot of work requires a lot of teamwork!

We think. We create. We implement. And for that, it takes creative minds - each with their own strengths. What unites us? The love for the equestrian industry.

Kristina Sehr

Managing Director

Angelique Casson

Concept & Creation

Patricia Welp

Photo- & Videographer

Theresa Schepp

Social Media Management

Ricardo Köhne

Web & IT


Hollistic collaboration

We advise and support holistically because we firmly believe that this is how the best campaigns can be created. Whether it's content, performance marketing, or concept development, we have the necessary understanding for all areas of the social media bubble to advise you reliably.

The world of social media can be overwhelming. Almost all professionals are lateral entrants and "self-made" - and that's a good thing, because the industry thrives on creativity and new impulses. Nevertheless, we rely on years of professional experience and solid expertise. You can count on us.

From horse person to horse person

You don't have to explain technical terms to us. We know what moves the equestrian industry. You can be sure: We speak the same language.

Trust is key

A fresh perspective from the outside can improve every project. At the same time, during a collaboration, we become part of your team. We work transparently and take responsibility. You can count on us.